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16 avril 2012



I'm going to inform you about the Titanic. It is a very big boat. His weight is 46 000 tons and his height is 175 feets, 882 feets long. It can support 650 tons of coal per day. It's a boat very speed. It can took 3000 people per day. Inside the boat, there are a swimming pool, gym, photography in a dark room, and lot of things to eat.

Now, I'm going to tell you about the story : The departure was in England on April 1912. On board there was 2200 passagers and crew. At the begening the boat would go to New York but it will never reach at destination. The boat hits an iceberg, so his hull was broken. There was 3 social class, the first class survive and some passagers of the other two classes are dead.


It was a terrible event. When I was child, I've seen the moovie but it was long time ago so I don't remember too.. So, with friends, we are going to see the moovie in 3D at cinema, it's gonna be awesome !

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13 avril 2012


Today in class, we have speaking about our role model .


I have not a particular model but if I would have to give the name of the person that I respect, I'll say without hesitating my grand mother . Because she was smiling every time , even if she had problems, I never heard she "I'm not happy today, because blablabla.." . She looks after every my cousins, she had her own personality, she was fantastic, generous, patient and so attentive ! She had special vision of the life, she benefited of every moments, when I was child I don't understood exactly why, but now, I realize. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to know more things about she, but my memories say me that she was, and she is yet, incredible !

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11 avril 2012



Dame Ellen Patricia MacArthur is english, from Whatstandwell near Matlock, she is thirty five years old. She grews up on Derbyshire country East Midlands. She is interested in sailing. She is best know as a solo long-distance yachtswoman. She is known for previous holder of fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe in a yacht. Now, she is based in West Cowes, on the Isle of Wight. She creates foundation, a charity focusing on providing a positive framework for sustainable innovation using insights from living systems to re-think the future . I think she is adventuress, she is not afraid in front of ocean . I know that I can't do that !


_Vocky__anglais_renforc_   ( --> Vocal article.)

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10 avril 2012


War of the Worlds By Steven Spielberg





This picture is from the movie called War of the Worlds dating from 2005. We can see two characters who are Tom Cruse and Dakota Fanning. There is also lot of people, and I notice that everybody looks the sky from a frightened air. They look impressed, frightenned . In reality they watch an Allian invasion with a lot of "flying saucer" in the sky.

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The war od the worlds by Orson Welles 1935


This scene takes place in New Jersey, the October, 30th 1938. There are a rich family with father, mother and their son, I think is a rich famlily because they have a big house ! The father comes home from work and his son came to welcome him and the clock strikes. At the beggining the music is joyful. Family is going to listen the radio broadcast and they learn a bad new because there are a Martian invasion. Then, the voice in the radio become frightening because there are screaming and the radio fright the people insted of reassuring. But their regular broadcast is interrupted someone annonces that there is an invasion by Martian. They more they listened, they more they were panicked. And family takes the car to go away and they see a lot of people who run away and panick. But in fact, it was just a joke !

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22 janvier 2012


Logorama is a modern cartoon with a lot of brands. This moovie take place in LA. It's an invented story, written and directed by François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain

 Logorama is a city where logos are everywhere! Mr Pringles, Ronald Mc Donalds, Msn butterflies, ESSO Girl, Haribo, Two Michelin men, Mr Clean, Pedestrians, Big Boy... So logos !!!

I think it's fantastic, science fictional, realistic but exagerated.

Logos are not themselves. For example, in reality Ronald is the nice clown whereas in the moovie it's the bad clown.


This is the link to see the footage. ENJOY IT!

(I'm sorry for the lack of current events but I can't use my computer very often...)

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30 novembre 2011





It's a earling TV show on CBS. It deals with Freegans, a community of food hunters. People are not homeless, they are volonties. TV presenter speaks at the begening of video. They do that because they want to help homeless people.

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Link : Here #


Nowadays, the geolocation is more developped. There are GPS on cars, on iPhone, on the web... It's the new technology.

Of course, there are people who likes this concept, and people who doesn't like it.


A day, we saw a video with two mans from Scotland in an elevator.

It was funny, because Scottish had an special accent, and when they tried to do the vocal recognition they said "ELEVEN" (with the scottish acent),  it didn't understand and said "Could you please repeat that ?" a lot of time. They tried to take an american accent but the vocal recognition still didn't work.


This advertising means technology is not a safe way and it can sometimes cause problems !

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MJ's Thriller. 17/10/2011


Today, we have seen THRILLER, the video clip of Michael Jakson.

The story : Michael Jakson is with his girlfriend at the movie theatre. They are watching a scary movie. But his girlfriend is very scared so she decides to leave the thatre. Then, MJ tries to reassure her saying "It's just a movie" don't panic.


Then, he tries to seduce her, on the way.


At cemetere, there is a gothic atmosphere. Some living dead go out of their graves and follow Michael and his girlfriend. Both of them are terrified !

Next, MJ transformed into a living dead.


THE END : But it was just a dream and when she wakes up, Michael is an human !

The end is so strange, because when Michael Jakson turns around, his eyes are yellow (Like the monster on the girl's dream..)


(Sorry for the delay ..)

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06 octobre 2011

Frankenstein's monster !

His apparence :

He has block headed , he is sickly and pasty. He has got blods trough his neck. He has lot of scars on his face, he has bloodshot eyes. His head is shaped , he his very tall.




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