10 avril 2012


The war od the worlds by Orson Welles 1935


This scene takes place in New Jersey, the October, 30th 1938. There are a rich family with father, mother and their son, I think is a rich famlily because they have a big house ! The father comes home from work and his son came to welcome him and the clock strikes. At the beggining the music is joyful. Family is going to listen the radio broadcast and they learn a bad new because there are a Martian invasion. Then, the voice in the radio become frightening because there are screaming and the radio fright the people insted of reassuring. But their regular broadcast is interrupted someone annonces that there is an invasion by Martian. They more they listened, they more they were panicked. And family takes the car to go away and they see a lot of people who run away and panick. But in fact, it was just a joke !

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