13 avril 2012


Today in class, we have speaking about our role model .


I have not a particular model but if I would have to give the name of the person that I respect, I'll say without hesitating my grand mother . Because she was smiling every time , even if she had problems, I never heard she "I'm not happy today, because blablabla.." . She looks after every my cousins, she had her own personality, she was fantastic, generous, patient and so attentive ! She had special vision of the life, she benefited of every moments, when I was child I don't understood exactly why, but now, I realize. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to know more things about she, but my memories say me that she was, and she is yet, incredible !

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    I think you made a great description of HER as a role model.

    Mind your pronouns (you forgot to use 'her' several times)

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