30 novembre 2011

MJ's Thriller. 17/10/2011


Today, we have seen THRILLER, the video clip of Michael Jakson.

The story : Michael Jakson is with his girlfriend at the movie theatre. They are watching a scary movie. But his girlfriend is very scared so she decides to leave the thatre. Then, MJ tries to reassure her saying "It's just a movie" don't panic.


Then, he tries to seduce her, on the way.


At cemetere, there is a gothic atmosphere. Some living dead go out of their graves and follow Michael and his girlfriend. Both of them are terrified !

Next, MJ transformed into a living dead.


THE END : But it was just a dream and when she wakes up, Michael is an human !

The end is so strange, because when Michael Jakson turns around, his eyes are yellow (Like the monster on the girl's dream..)


(Sorry for the delay ..)

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